Testimonials — See what our clients are saying about us!

Stacey is an amazing instructor who always keeps the classes interesting by making it fun. Stacey has a wealth of knowledge about pilates and personal training and can apply that knowledge for each individual. She knows her clients’ strengths and how to challenge them. She is able to make you work hard or modify exercises for those with injuries. I feel like part of the group and welcome in her studio because of her warm and cheerful personality.
— Kanata J. Cowan
My husband and I are both near sixty and have been taking pilates at Studio Zee for the past two years. As we age, not that we feel old, there is a concern about maintaining flexibility, balance and strength. Pilates builds all of these.

At Studio Zee, you always get individual attention even in group classes. Exercises are modified to meet your physical abilities. After the class is over, the time just flies by, you will know that you just had a great workout.

Stacey’s shining personality makes for fun classes and you will make new friends.
— Jane & John Paulowich
Motivating, professional and innovative. Studio Zee will introduce you to muscles that you never knew you had!
— Mertice
I have been doing pilates with Stacey for over 4 years now and still loving it. Every session is different and challenging, which means that I always leave feeling excited by my accomplishments. She is patient, fun and extremely knowledgeable. Her ability to adapt the program to my own strengths, limitations and personality make Stacey a fabulous instructor. I have gained flexibily, core strength and lost about an inch around my abdominals since I started.
— Susan Roth
I just wanted to let you know and any prospective clients know how much I enjoy my Pilates Sessions.

Like many people of my age life is busy and we tend not to take time out to take care of ourselves . I have found Pilates to be an excellent way of helping a body, which now has some aches and pains and takes more time to heal from injury. Stacey makes sure that the sessions are tailored to work on the areas that I have trouble with but always within my abilities, pushing me to try things and sometimes surprising myself. The sessions are never boring and if work takes me away I can really tell if I miss a session.
I have now had Stacey as a teacher for 4 years and can highly recommend both Stacey and Pilates.
— Fiona
Before I started taking classes at Studio Zee I was having posture problems from sitting at a computer desk all day. Now after 9 months of classes my core feels stronger and my posture has improved. I no longer fear becoming like the Hunchback of Notre-Dame when I get older. The classes have put me on the right track to sustain good posture and I won’t be forced to live my life in a creepy old Cathedral in Paris.

The atmosphere at Studio Z is fun, light and enthusiastic and you get a great workout mixed in! I highly recommend it to everyone!
— Jason D.
I spent this past summer doing Pilates four to five times a week with Stacey at Studio Zee. As a professional basketball player it is important for me to stay in shape and continue to work and improve my athleticism. Over the course of the summer I noticed huge improvements, not only in my core strength but also in my flexibility and overall body strength. Stacey did a great job of keeping the sessions challenging yet also mixing the exercises up so you always felt like you were working on something new. Stacey is very knowledgeable and experienced and was able to help me focus on the things I needed to work on.
I would highly encourage anyone to check out Studio Zee if the want a challenging and fun workout. I also got my younger sister and mother into Pilates, it’s a whole family event.
— Shona Thorburn
I started taking a pilates mat class with Stacey in March of this year. I go after work every week and I find that the classes rejuvenate me regardless of how tired I feel when I arrive. Prior to signing up at Studio Zee, I did pilates at home using dvd instruction videos. I soon realized that I had been doing many of the exercises incorrectly and luckily the Studio Zee instructors corrected my form and I started getting better results.
Since March, I have finally lost that last 5 pounds (that previously just wouldn’t come off) and I am pleasantly surprised with how toned my entire body has become!

Thanks Stacey
— Meredith Moore
I have been going to classes with Stacey for over 4 years and I thoroughly enjoy the work out. She has been a wonderful instructor both in a class setting and both for private and semi private lessons. My husband and I are currently going for semi private lessons and have been doing so for awhile. My husband, George has a neurological disability that affects his balance and coordination and Stacey is wonderful with his limitations. She is very accommodating and has also seen him in a private setting.

I also saw Stacey throughout my pregnancy in classes and the second half in private setting. She was wonderful and I enjoyed my sessions with her right up until the end of my pregnancy.

I would highly recommend Stacey and Studio Zee Pilates.
— Melissa Arruda, CHRP Human Resources Generalist Oakrun Farm Bakery Ltd
Many thanks for coming to our office and teaching us the basics of Pilates. Working out the kinks from sitting at work stations was such a great way to spend my lunch break and I’m truly missing your classes. I was amazed, and I know my coworkers were as well, that even though we found it challenging, we were able to progress very quickly and see such great results.

Also, because I was training for the Friends for Life bike rally (Toronto to Montreal in 6 days) I found it really complimented the bike training I was already doing. Thank you for making such a big difference in my ability to cycle 100 kms a day. The rally organizers provided us with Pilates and Yoga classes every morning and evening and I was able to join right in and take advantage of that, thanks to you.

As you know, all of the S&S staff is moving to the new Dufferin Street location and we won’t be able to continue with the classes. Our only hope is that we find someone even close to being the phenomenal instructor that you are, or maybe you’ll consider coming to Toronto! Maybe some workshops in the near future? Please let us know what you have in the works, we’d love to be part of it.

With appreciation and thanks
— Ava Stokl