Exclusively designed for women in their first, second and third trimester, this Pilates-inspired class will focus on maintaining good posture, muscle tone and overall mobility throughout your pregnancy. Light resistance equipment will be used to improve your sense of well-being and prepare you for the exciting time ahead.

Here's what some of our prenatal Mama's had to say about their experience with Pilates before, during and after their pregnancies.



When I first became pregnant, I worried that I wouldn't be able to continue exercising regularly. As someone who was a Pilates and strength training 'addict', I wondered what kind of impact pregnancy and reducing exercise would have on my mental and physical energy. I was so grateful that I was able to keep practicing Pilates in the prenatal class, and I found I could apply a lot of the modifications to other Pilates classes the studio offered, too. I was pleasantly surprised to find I still felt strong, and safe, during my entire pregnancy... in fact, I took a class the morning that I went into labour! I only have the one pregnancy as experience to go by, but when I shared that I could still feel, and engage, my abdominal muscles in my third trimester, I was greeted with disbelief by most people. I think it was Pilates that allowed me to maintain that awareness of my abdominal strength as my pregnancy progressed. And I credit that Pilates awareness with giving me a pain-free pregnancy. 

After having a baby, I found it very very challenging to feel my core muscles. It really felt like those muscles had to re-learn how to engage. I'm not sure that any other activity would have helped me more than Pilates to regain that strength. It wasn't easy - I still feel like I have to slow down and observe my actual strength level instead of 'pushing through' - but I feel stronger and more connected after each class. " - Melanie


I leaped at the opportunity to share my story of my Pilates practice while I was pregnant and now that I'm post natal because this type of physical activity changed my outlook on exercise and my body. Now, I have always been very active - everything from Crossfit to running to weight lifting to swimming. When a broken foot took me out of these activities, I was introduced to Pilates. This was two years ago, and I have never looked back. I knew I would continue Pilates when I got pregnant, and I did. Studio Zee worked with me as my body changed. Attending Pilates 3x/ week really helped me maintain a calm, confident attitude throughout my pregnancy, and it coupled nicely with the pool and weight lifting. I never got down, no mood swings and most important my energy level was so much better than I thought it would be ... even when I was a week overdue. Yes, Pilates kept my core strong and supported, but it also kept me challenged physically, something I was worried I would miss out on. My legs, upper body and tush got their fare share of a workout every time I entered the studio whether for a mat class, Barre None class or reformer class.  Overall, Pilates helped me maintain a positive self-image throughout my pregnancy, that gave me incredible confidence. 

After the birth of my baby girl, I was back in the studio the second I got my doctors clearance... seriously... the second I got the clearance. I felt like a Pilates rookie the first few weeks back, but even now, after two months I'm loving the challenge. I started with one- on- one sessions to 're-group' and then ventured back into classes. I am definitely gaining my strength, especially in my core, but again, Pilates is practice of full body strength training that challenges every muscle group. Overall, Pilates was an amazing experience during my pregnancy, and continues to be now. I recommend this to any and all pregnant women.